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Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 83min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Knight Competition

Filmmaker Dawn Porter won the festival’s top documentary prizes for Gideon’s Army her penetrating look at America’s broken system of public defenders. She has a flair for finding memorable characters fighting against the odds. Now she applies her skills to an issue that’s heading for a major Supreme Court decision and couldn’t be more timely in this election year.

If you thought Roe v Wade guaranteed a choice for women, think again. Across America, especially in the south, abortion clinics are in a fight for survival. Since 2010, conservative lawmakers have sought to make their states “abortion free” by introducing hundreds of anti-choice bills.

Trapped focuses on two Southern reproductive health clinics, following the doctors and administrators who conduct their business under threats to their safety. Once again, Porter succeeds at framing a tough topic with documentary artistry that sends you out of the theater feeling galvanized to play a greater role in the democratic process. – Thom Powers

This film is also part of Knight Documentary Achievement Award.


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Director: Dawn Porter
Producer: Marilyn Ness, Summer Damon
Screenwriter: Dawn Porter, Sari Gilman

Cinematographer: Chris Hilleke, Nadia Hallgren
Editor: Sari Gilman, Katie Flint

Cast: June Ayers, Gloria Gray, Dalton Johnson, Nancy Northup, Willie Parker MD, Marva Sadler

Dawn Porter

Dawn Porter graduated from Swarthmore College and Georgetown Law Center and practiced law for five years. She also worked in standards and practices for ABC and A&E before becoming a filmmaker. Her films include Gideon’s Army (2013), which won top prizes at Miami and Sundance, and Spies of the Mississippi (2014). Trapped (2016) is her latest film.

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