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Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Piero Messina

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 100min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Competition

Jeanne (Lou de Laâge) travels from France to Sicily to reunite with her beloved Giuseppe. But upon arriving, Jeanne finds Giuseppe mysteriously absent. She is met instead by his mother Anna (Juliette Binoche), who does not regard Jeanne’s unexpected visit as a pleasant surprise.

Worried, Jeanne makes numerous desperate calls to Giuseppe that go unanswered. Her uncertainty is compounded by Anna’s mercurial moods and oddly affected disengagement about Giuseppe’s absence. Slowly, Jeanne and Anna find in each other a meaningful camaraderie while waiting for the truth about Giuseppe to surface.

This enormously impressive feature debut from Piero Messina (who acted as assistant director on Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty) portrays Sicily as a magical, enigmatic place filled with natural beauty and dark secrets. Messina’s bold evocation of his birthplace—home to one central character; an exotic foreign land to another—sets the tone for a gorgeously photographed travelogue-drama that champions the emboldening power of human emotions in a world fraught with grief. —Andres Castillo


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Director: Piero Messina
Producer: Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori
Screenwriter: Piero Messina, Giacomo Bendotti, Ilaria Macchia, Andrea Paolo Massara

Music: Piero Messina, Alma Napolitano, Marco Mangani
Cinematographer: Francesco di Giacomo
Editor: Paola Freddi

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Giorgio Colangeli, Lou de Laâge

Piero Messina

Piero Messina was born in Caltagirone, Sicily. He studied performing arts at Rome University and film directing at Il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He has directed numerous short films and served as assistant director to Paolo Sorrentino on This Must Be the Place (11) and The Great Beauty (13). The Wait (15) is his feature directorial debut.

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