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US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Andrew Currie

Country: Canada
Language: English

Running Time: 98min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Special Events

Jeff (Jason Ritter), a flailing investment banker, and Marla (Emmanuelle Chriqui), his party girl sister, are New Yorkers who have been invited to their rich father Ed’s beautiful new cabin in Northern Ontario. Jeff and Marla are horrified to learn that Ed (James Brolin) is marrying Sherry (Christine Lahti). Sherry has three different kids from three different fathers, leading Jeff and Marla to believe that Sherry is only marrying Ed for his money.

As soon as Jeff and Marla arrive at the cottage and meet their impending step-family, things start going terribly wrong—especially once Ed and Sherry break the news about their plans for still more additions to the family, and Jeff and Marla realize their chances of inheriting the lion’s share of their father’s fortune are reducing by the minute.

The Steps chronicles the culture clash between big-city sophisticates and their less urbane counterparts with tremendous humor, as well as the contrast between Canadians and Americans, who have more in common than either neighboring nation might care to admit. Featuring a perfectly pitched screenplay by Robyn Harding—up for the Festival’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Award—The Steps deftly navigates the fun and frustrations of a new family learning how to cope with unexpected growth. – Andres Castillo

This film is also part of the Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Competition.


This film is preceded by IF I WAS GOD, directed by Cordell Barker.



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Saturday March 12th @ 7:00pm OLYMPIA THEATER Add to Schedule

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Director: Andrew Currie
Producer: Mary Anne Waterhouse, Daniel Iron, Andrew Currie, Jason James
Screenwriter: Robyn Harding

Music: Todor Kobakov, Ian LeFeuvre
Cinematographer: Robert Aschman
Editor: Jorge Weisz

Cast: Jason Ritter, Emmanuelle Chriqui, James Brolin, Christine Lahti, Benjamin Arthur, Steven McCarthy, Vinay Virmani, Kate Corbett

Andrew Currie

Andrew Currie was born in England, grew up in Victoria, BC, and graduated from Toronto's Canadian Film Centre Directors' Lab. His films include the shorts Persistence of Memory (93) and Night of the Living (97) and the features Mile Zero (01), Festival selection Fido (06), and The Steps (15).