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DIRECTED BY Terence Davies

Film Year: 1992
Category: From the Vault

The Long Day Closesis the most gloriously cinematic expression of the unique sensibility of Terence Davies, widely celebrated as Britain’s greatest living filmmaker. Suffused with both enchantment and melancholy, this autobiographical film takes on the perspective of a quiet, lonely boy growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s. But rather than employ a straightforward narrative, Davies jumps in and out of time, swoops into fantasies and fears, summons memories and dreams. A singular filmic tapestry, The Long Day Closes is an evocative, movie- and music-besotted portrait of the artist as a young man.-Criterion Collection

“With its purposeful lack of breadth, The Long Day Closes is all depth. Focused on a short period in a boy’s life, the film is less about events than the profundity of a child’s inchoate feelings. One is likely to take away from the film not a crucial narrative “moment” but an image or a sound—the fragment of a song, the odd audio clip from a movie wafting across the soundtrack like a radio transmission from some deep psychological recess.”

-Michael Koresky for Criterion Collection


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Director: Terence Davies

Terence Davies

Terence Davies is from Liverpool. His feature films include Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) and The Long Day Closes (1992). Davies’ other features include The Neon Bible (1995), The House of Mirth (2000), The Deep Blue Sea (2011), which screened at the Festival, and his latest film Sunset Song (2015), which is screening in this year’s Knight Competition.