The Historic Alfred I. DuPont Building
169 East Flagler Street, 2nd floor, Miami

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Opening Night Film

DIRECTED BY Alex de la Iglesia

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: MI GRAN NOCHE

Running Time: 97min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Special Events

This riotous pop masterpiece from Spain’s Álex de la Iglesia chronicles the accidents, romances, conspiracies and backstage shenanigans that beset the taping of an unusually fraught New Year’s Eve variety show. The agitated extravaganza is headlined by pompous singing icon Alphonso (played with self-satirizing brio by real-life singer Raphael) being stalked by a tunesmith with a murderous grudge. Alphonse’s younger beefcake counterpart Adán (Mario Casas) is sought by a groupie looking to snatch a sample of the legendary Lothario’s semen.

Out in the house a runaway crane takes out an extra, who is promptly replaced by endearing nebbish José (Pepón Nieto)—though José too may be doomed to some grievous bodily harm if he continues to pursue his comely colleague Paloma (Blanca Suárez), a woman with a history of unintentionally maiming every man she fancies. The hosts hate each other, the director can’t contain the chaos, and riot police are called in to quell the violent demonstration erupting right outside the studio doors.

My Big Night starts where most films climax and grows steadily more manic from there. The laughs possess an edgy uneasiness enhanced by the cast’s go-for-broke performances. A master orchestrator of mischief, de la Iglesia keeps us oriented as this audacious ensemble comedy spins wildly out of control. Get ready for a great time. My Big Night is more than a film—it’s a party!   – Jaie Laplante


The “party on screen” at the Olympia Theater will continue after the film with an outstanding Opening Night Party as the Festival returns to its traditional venue, the Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building.  The party promises to ring in the new Festival with glitz and cheer, boasting rocking music, cuisine, cocktails, and dancing, similar to a glittering NYE bash.  The events kick off the Festival’s CINEDWNTWN series, sponsored by Miami’s Downtown Development Authority.  You must be 21+ to attend the party.  9:00pm-12:30am

The Festival’s Opening Night Film + Party ticket can be purchased in combination with Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Remix After Party.

This film is also a part of the Knight Competition and Lexus Ibero American Feature Film Competition.


Friday March 4th @ 7:00pm OLYMPIA THEATER Add to Schedule

Friday March 4th @ 7:00pm OLYMPIA THEATER Add to Schedule

Friday March 4th @ 7:00pm OLYMPIA THEATER Add to Schedule

Friday March 4th @ 9:00pm The Historic Alfred I. DuPont Building Add to Schedule


Director: Alex de la Iglesia
Producer: Enrique Cerezo
Screenwriter: Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Álex de la Iglesia

Music: Joan Valent
Cinematographer: Angel Martinez Amoros
Editor: Domingo Gonzalez

Cast: Raphael, Mario Casas, Pepón Nieto, Blanca Suarez, Santiago Segura, Carlos Areces, Jaime Ordoñez, Terele Pavez

Alex de la Iglesia

Álex de la Iglesia was born in Bilbao, Spain. His talents were discovered in 1993 by Pedro Almodóvar, who produced his first feature film, Mutant Action. For his second feature, The Day of the Beast (1995), he won Spain’s highest cinematographic honor, the Goya Award for Best Director. His films have been widely distributed throughout the world, and three of his features have been Official Selections of Miami International Film Festival – Ferfect Crime (2005), The Last Circus (2011) and Witching & Bitching (2014). Other feature films include The Oxford Murders (2008) and As Luck Would Have It (2013).

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