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Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Salvador del Solar

Country: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: MAGALLANES

Running Time: 109min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Lexus Ibero American Feature Film Competition

Magallanes (Damián Alcázar) works as a taxi driver in the streets of Lima. But he has another job chauffeuring a retired colonel (legendary Argentine star Federico Luppi) whom he once served in the army many years ago. One day, Celina (Magaly Solier) steps into Magallanes’ cab, and he recognizes her as a former war time sex-slave captive of the Colonel’s. Haunted and conflicted, Magallanes digs up an old photo that could be presented as evidence of the Colonel’s crimes, and begins to concoct a plot to blackmail the Colonel’s son (Christian Meier).

Salvador del Solar’s formidable feature debut is based on Alonso Cueto’s novel La Pasajera. With a solemn tone and searing climax, del Solar reflect the hardships Peruvians faced during the most violent years of Shining Path, a time when citizens dreaded not only terrorist violence, but also their own ruthless and repressive government. —Andres Castillo

This film is also a part of the Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Competition.


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Director: Salvador del Solar
Producer: Amador del Solar, Salvador del Solar
Screenwriter: Salvador del Solar adapted screenplay inspired by Alonso Cueto's novel “La Pasajera”

Music: Federico Jusid
Cinematographer: Diego Jiménez
Editor: Eric Williams

Cast: Damián Alcázar, Magaly Solier, Federico Luppi, Christian Meier, Bruno Odar.

Salvador del Solar

Salvador del Solar was born in Lima, Peru. He studied law at the Universidad Católica Del Perú. He has appeared as an actor in numerous films, including Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (2000), a Miami International Film Festival hit. Magallanes (2015) is his first feature film screenplay to be produced, and his first film as director.

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