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Incident Light

US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Ariel Rotter

Country: Argentina, France, Uruguay
Subtitles: English
Original Title: LA LUZ INCIDENTE

Running Time: 95min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Knight Competition

Luisa (Érica Rivas) is trying to put her life back together after losing both her husband and brother in a terrible car accident. She is left with the responsibility of raising her twin daughters Maria and Ana all by herself, while her mother tries to help her during the difficult times. Then Luisa meets Ernesto (Marcelo Subiotto) and she is instantly attracted to him. Ernesto falls hard for Luisa and soon—inordinately soon—asks her to marry him and vows to look after her and the girls. All of this is rushing forward so unexpectedly that Luisa must force herself to slow down, to think about her past, to meditate on what her new life with Ernesto could be like—and consider what Ernesto’s motives could be.

With the hushed tension of a jazz ballad, this latest film from Ariel Rotter (whose The Other screened at the Festival in 2008) elegantly evokes the inner intensity and mixed emotions of a woman passing through a time of great tumult. Incident Light was shot in luminous black and white, paying close attention to how its characters interact with space, décor and clothing, and apprehending the special ambiance of 1960s Argentina.
Andres Castillo


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Director: Ariel Rotter
Producer: Juan Pablo Miller, Ariel Rotter, Guillermo Rocamora, Javier Palliero, Frédéric Corvez, Clément Duboin
Screenwriter: Ariel Rotter

Music: Mariano Loaicono
Cinematographer: Guillermo Nieto
Editor: Eliane D. Katz

Cast: Erica Rivas, Marcelo Subiotto, Susana Pampín, Greta Y Lupe Cura, Rossana Vezzoni, Elvira Onetto, Roberto Suárez.

Ariel Rotter

Ariel Rotter was born in Buenos Aires, where he studied at the Universidad del Cine. He has directed the features Sólo por hoy (01), The Other (07), which screened at the Festival, and Incident Light (15).

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