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North American Premiere


Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: NOCHE DE PERROS

Running Time: 85min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Lexus Ibero American Feature Film Competition

It’s Saturday night in Buenos Aires, and best friends Enzo, whose dreams of being a radio DJ are spinning nowhere, and Ricardo, who is trudging his way up in his father’s law firm, need to blow off some steam. Having “borrowed” a Mercedes from the parking garage that he supervises (in as much as he does anything at all), Enzo convinces Ricardo to accompany him on a harmless outing for a few drinks.

When the boys emerge from the bar, however, the Mercedes has disappeared—along with the casework files that belong to Ricardo’s father that Ricardo left on the back seat. This triggers a desperate plumbing of the Buenos Aires underworld for the missing Mercedes, which escalades into some bizarreness involving a sociopathic repo man, a cougar drug dealer with a boy-toy named Teddy Bear, and a fluffy white poodle with a mistaken identity.

What distinguishes Nacho Sesma’s debut feature is a dry wit, an arch sensibility and an absolutely brilliant crew of new actors whose comic inventiveness consistently surprises. “Never make an important decision after 1:00 a.m.,” is a philosophy Enzo repeats to himself but manages to break as the wee hours continue to descend into dangerous absurdity. Part nightmare, part comedy, and all fun, Dogs’ Night marks an energetic debut by a director to watch. – Jaie Laplante

This film is part of the Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriting Competition.


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Director: Nacho Sesma
Producer: Damian Moon, Nestor Sanchez Sotelo, Nacho Sesma
Screenwriter: Nacho Sesma

Cinematographer: Manuel Bascoy
Editor: Nacho Sesma, Emanuele Marini

Cast: Facundo Cardosi, Nicolas Goldschmidt, Fabian Carrasco, Guadalupe Docampo, Monica Gonzaga, Marcelo Sein,

Nacho Sesma

Nacho Sesma is from Buenos Aires. He studied film at Fundación Universidad del Cine and worked as an editor on numerous shorts before writing, producing and directing his first feature, Dogs’ Night (2015).