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Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Megan Riakos

Country: Australia
Language: English

Running Time: 111min
Film Year: 2015
Category: Lee Brian Schrager's Culinary Cinema

After her father dies in a winery accident, Ellia returns home to her family vineyard. She’s shocked when his death is ruled a murder and her mother is considered the prime suspect. Complicated family dynamics come into play as Ellia is determined to find the truth – but as she begins unearthing a few unpopular secrets about her family and the winery, she narrowly escapes an attempt on her own life. Matching her wits against her father’s unknown murderer, Ellia races to find out the truth before she is crushed herself. – Jaie Laplante

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Wednesday March 9th @ 6:30pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule

Wednesday March 9th @ 6:30pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule


Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Megan Riakos, Sarah Bishop & Robbie Miles
Screenwriter: Megan Riakos

Music: Aaron Kenny
Cinematographer: Michael Steel
Editor: Anil Griffin

Cast: Sarah Bishop, Les Hill, Roxane Wilson, Millie Spencer-Brown, Remy Brand, Jamie Irvine, Robert Preston, Aaron Glenane

Megan Riakos

Megan Riakos is from Australia. She has studied film in Sydney and at UCLA in the US. She has made a variety of short films, and make her feature film debut with Crushed (2015).

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