The Idea Center, Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Building 8
315 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132


Google Seminar Series on Gender & Racial Gaps in Film & Tech

03/05/2016 2:00pm

The Google Seminars kick off with a Keynote Welcome Address by Julie Ann Crommett, Google CS Education in Media Program Manager, outlining Google’s pioneering efforts to build gender/racial diversity in media and tech. Featured panelists will join Ms. Crommett for a discussion focused on one of the most prominent technical film roles lacking in gender/racial diversity – the director of photography (DP). The panelists, women who have successfully built careers as cinematographers and have films in this year’s Festival, will address questions related to their work and careers as well as their perceptions of gender/racial gaps in their profession.

Featured panelists:

Sol Lopatin was born in Buenos Aires. She worked in the gaffer/electrical departments for many years while she practiced the art of cinematography on shorts, documentaries, TV productions and feature films. In recent years her feature film credits have included Eliseo Subiela’s Don’t Look Down (2008), Alejandro Chomski’s Asleep in The Sun (2010), and Abzurdah (2015), which is featured in this year’s Festival.

Eponine Momenceau is a Cesar-nominated cinematographer based in Paris. She studied at La Fémis in Paris, and has won several prizes for her work in film as well as contemporary art and photography. She served as the DP on Jacques Audiard’s Dheepan (2015), which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, and for which she was nominated for Best Cinematography from France’s Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. Dheepan is screening in this year’s Festival.

Susana Ojea is from the Basque region of Spain. She obtained a Master Degree in Cinematography at the Catalonian School of Cinema in Barcelona. Her credits include shooting Dark Glasses, appearing in this year’s Festival, as well as an experimental feature film, TV series, commercials, music videos and short films.

María Secco is an Ariel Award-winning cinematographer from Uruguay currently based in Mexico. She has shot a total of 7 films that have been part of the Festival’s Official Selection, including this year’s US premiere of I Promise You Anarchy (2015). Her other films include Gasolina (2008), Marimbas from Hell (2010), Tanta agua (2013), Club Sandwich (2013), and La jaula de oro (2013), for which she won the highest cinematography award from Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematograficas.

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